Subject Services

The library provides the following services for users with a wealth of library resources and professional literature retrieval technology.

Reference: multiple channels available to answer all kinds of questions as they arise during the use of library.

Document Delivery: provides users with literature resources that are not available to the Library under the support of information technology.

Representative Inspection Service: (1) special search: inspection service covers from the opening of the project, through the mid-term research, to the end of the project research on the user's topic, and the full-text literature search is offered. (2) Selective search: track and search a specific topic regularly or irregularly according to the needs of users, and provide the latest search results.

Check and Search: according to the needs of users, search for the published academic papers in the authoritative database at home and abroad to find how they are embodied and cited, and issue a search certificate.

If you need to go through related services, please contact the Library Information Consultancy Department.

Contact number: 0791-83800482

Address: Information Consulting Department, Room 102, 1st Floor, Jiaoqiaoyuan Library