Overdue and loss

Specifications on Loss, damage, theft of documents and overdue borrowing

Following Specifications are formulated to guide readers to abide by laws and regulations and social ethics, advocate readers to cherish national property, protect readers' right to use books and documents in a civilized and equal manner, and maintain the integrity of school literature.

1. For loss of literature and materials, the person concerned should compensate with the same literature and materials, and a processing fee of 2 yuan is charged for each document in accordance with the regulations.

2. When the literature is lost and the same kind of literature cannot be compensated, it shall be treated according to the following regulations:

(1) General Chinese books, pay 2 times the original price.

(2) Professional books, reference books, and photocopying books are compensated at 5 times the original price.

(3) The original foreign language books require 5 times indemnity of the initial price as China National Publications Import & Export Corporation referred to.

(4) In general, when one of a multi-volume book is lost, the compensation is at 5 times the lost part, and the remaining part shall be returned to the library.

(5) When one of a valuable set of multi-volume book is lost, the compensation is at 5 times the full price, and the remaining part shall be returned to the library.

3. The defacement of the literature is compensated or fined according to the following regulations:

(1) If the literature is seriously defaced, the same literature should be compensated. If the same literature is not available, refer to Article 2.

(2) Defacement of bar code requires 1 yuan fine per piece. If the book’s magnetic strip and barcode are torn, fine is raised by 5 times the book price.

(3) Tearing pages or digging pages shall be fined 5 times according to the price of the literature.

4. Anyone who does not go through the borrowing procedures and deliberately brings the documents out will be treated as pilferage. Anyone who steals a book, in addition to recovering the original book, is fined 10 times the original price.

5. In addition to fine, the above-mentioned violations shall be punished according to the following circumstances:

(1) If the circumstances are minor, it is instructed to write a critical examination and a notice of criticism shall be circulated by the department or school concerned.

(2) If the circumstances are serious or the literature is stolen, the above punishments are given and a demerit is recorded.

6. The overdue borrowing of each literature incurs a fine of 0.1 yuan per day.